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Communication between schools and families is essential for building trusting relationships that foster parental involvement. Parental involvement in schools and social institutes is necessary for youngsters to develop successfully and to make decisions that will have positive outcomes for their futures.

This study will examine the role of new ICT communications technologies in fostering parental involvement in schools and social institutes  and uncovers barriers that prevent usage of technology to promote communication.  Little research has been done to evaluate the role of emerging technologies in enhancing communication practices between schools specialised in vocational training and parents/guardians. 

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the role and possibilities of different interpersonal communications technologies like cell phone and e-mail, school websites, blog,  electronic learning environments and new social websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc..in communicating with parents.  Additionally, these communication modes will be appraised for their efficacy in facilitating parental involvement in schools.

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Dissemination academic level: ECER 2012

I inform you with pleasure that I participated to a proposal of symposium for the ECER 2012 conference, "The Need for Educational Research to Champion Freedom, Education and Development for All", taking place in ...

03/04/2012 22:33

didacta 2012 in Hannover (Germany) - education fair 14-18 February 2012

The didacta is on of the largest trade fairs for the education sector in Europe. Visitors can learn about the innovations of the education market. The fair is aimed primarily at teachers, educators and teachers.

07/02/2012 11:51

French student report about visit Zaragoza

You can read here a French report from the Avignon students about meeting in Zaragoza

29/11/2011 11:56

PISA in Focus N°10 : What can parents do to help their children succeed in school?

PISA: What can parents do to help their children succeed in school?08-Nov-2011'PISA in Focus N°10' looks at the impact of parents' participation in their children's learning.

16/11/2011 11:26

CY-ICER 2012

Cyprus International Conference on Educational Research, CY-ICER 201208-10 February, 2012Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus CampusNorth Cyprus
The main theme of the Conference is announced as ...

12/11/2011 17:44

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