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Polish partner Lubin

Polish partner Lubin

Zespol Szkol Nr 1
w Lubinie  

ul. Tadeusza Kosciuszki 9
59 - 300 Lubin, Poland

phone: +48 076 746-30-50
fax: +48 076 746-30-50

Internet: www.zs1.lubin.edu.pl

      Partner information

Zespol Szkol Nr 1 is a 45 year old  school with tradition and an important centre for training. School  serves the economy and society through educating students.New professions and specializations are continually being opened because of change  of economic structures. Within the 45 years of existence the Technical Secondary School, almost 18 000 students, have completed studies as professionals in: technician of mining, technician mechanic, technician electrician, technician electronics, technician of telecommunication, technician of information technology and locksmithing.The school  cherishes its traditions and educates its students to be honest and responsible people both at work, and as members of the society.The reason why our school  wants to take part in the partnership is that we want to make friends, learn about different countries and societies, learn foreign languages. The partnership will enable us to cooperate with other European countries to exchange experiences and knowledge. 


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